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WC: 21st February

WC: Monday 21st February 2022    

Focus: Alliteration and Initial sounds 


This week we will be learning about alliteration which means words that start with the same initial sound.  For example, silly socks on it's simplest terms.  We will learning to hear the initial sound in words for example, s-sock.  (The focus will be hearing/listening not on learning what the sound looks like just yet).  


  • We are going to learn our new nursery rhyme this week "5 Little Men in a flying saucer" that we sing everyday. 
  • Each Monday, your child will be coming home with a copy of the rhyme so you can practise at home, if you would like. 
  • On Tuesday, we will have our computing lesson, where we will learn to use the Mini-Mash on the iPads.  
  • On Wednesday, we will have DEAR where we read and change our library books.  


Please ensure your child has the following in nursery every day:

  • Book bag (Children need a book bag or a bag big enough to fit a picture reading book inside).  
  • Water bottle
  • Wellington boots 
  • An extra change of labelled clothes may be helpful.  


Please ensure all uniform and everything that is brought into nursery is clearly labelled.

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