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WC: 21st September

WC: 21st September 2020    Learning to Listen!


This week we will be focussing on how we can listen? 

  • We will be learning to listen in lots of different ways, including exploring musical instruments and going into the Woodlands. 
  • We will also be learning to listen to our friends too.
  • This week is our first Woodlands Lesson.  We will be exploring the Woodlands and go on a listening walk.
  • In PE this week, we will be exploring how our bodies move to music.  
  • Our Next Rhyme of the Week is 'See the Sleeping Bunnies' - (Last Friday the children were really excited to hear it!)


This Week's Home Learning Challenge!

During phonics on Friday, we did a wonderful activity all to do with logos and familiar book/ TV characters. I explained to the children that this is reading!! When children spot their favourite shop logo, TV show character and can recognise it.

his is one of the first stages of reading.

When you are out and about? How many signs/ Logos can your child spot? It would be lovely to see?


You are welcome to post an observation on Tapestry, if you would like to. Just by clicking the + button.


See the Little bunnies - Rhyme of the Week!

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