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WC: 23rd November

Book of the Week: Pants!

WC: 23rd November 2020

Topic: Descriptive Language 

Focus Story: 'Pants' By Giles Andreae


  • This week we will be focussing on using the descriptive language.  We will be using words like: bumpy, hard, soft, stripy, spotty, etc. 
  • In PE, this week, we ill be continuing to focus on taking off and putting on our shoes and socks.  
  • We will be reading the story of 'Pants 
  • Our Rhyme next week is Old MacDonald had a farm.
  • Library Books - Don't forget we change our Library books on a Tuesday and Thursday.  Please ensure your child has the orange reading record and library book in their book bag.  


Number of the Week 

  • This week we will be learning about number 3.  
  • Have a go at talking to your child at what '3' looks like?  What does it mean?  
  • For children who already know number 3, we will be looking at, What is one more?  What is 1 less than the number 3? 
  • We will be having a go at writing 1, 2, 3. 


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