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WC: 29th June

As like last week, if your child is not returning to school, we will be continuing to use the Oak National Academy.

(Please look at the WC: 15th June tab for the How to guide!)


We would like the children to continue with 1 Phonics activity, 1 Literacy/English activity, 1 maths activity every day, plus a topic activity on a Monday.


  • For English this week please use the 'Space' lessons 
  • For Maths this week please use the 'Investigating what can be shared into equal groups and what happens when things can’t!' lessons.  
  • For Phonics please use this links to recap our learning on Phase 3, 4 and 5 phonics. 
    • These comics are amazing for reading! The children love them!
    • This phonics channel is very good in terms of phonics videos.  Please note you may need to look at year 1 videos, if your child is particularly confident.
  • For Topic this week we will be learning all about jungle animals! Read through the powerpoint below together and discuss any jungle animal facts you already know. Do you know what noises all those animals make? Then, enjoy the story 'Walking Through the Jungle'!

Walking Through The Jungle by Julie Lacome

Walking Through The Jungle written and illustrated by Julie Lacome

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