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WC: 3rd January 2022

WC: Monday 3rd January 2022       


Welcome back!

At nursery, we will be welcoming everyone back and talking about our Christmas holidays.  We will also be going on a Winter Walk.  


Message on Tapestry.

We hope you all have had a wonderful christmas and new year.

In Spring Term, we will be continuing our learning so please do continue to check our class page weekly to find out what we are up too. 


In PE, we will be thinking about taking our shoes and socks off and putting them on again for PE. This is an important first step to independence and a stepping stone to getting changed by ourselves. Please have a go with your child at home taking off their shoes and socks and putting them back on again.



Week Commencing 3rd January - Please note a small change - We will be changing library books on Thursday 6th January.

  • From Monday 10th January, we will continue to be changing our books on a Wednesday.
  • Please ensure your child has their orange reading record and library book with them on Wednesday.
  • If your child brings it in on other days it may not be possible to change it, please speak to a member of the nursery team.


Learning our Name!

  • In Nursery, children take an important step when learning to read, and this starts by them learning to recognise their name. We begin with their first name. For some children, they will be learning to recognise their name, for other children they will be learning to write the first sound of their name and others will be learning to write their name using the correct letter formation.
  • To help with this on Monday 10th January I will be sending home some 'Name Home Learning' so they can practise at home. We will be doing lots of activities in class around this too.
  • In the pack, we will also include how your child will learn to write their name at school so you can see our formation and the use of upper and lower case letters. Hope it is helpful to you.


As always any questions, please ask.
See you on Thursday 6th January!
Best Wishes,
Mrs Parsons

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