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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - ' RESPECT'


Good Morning


Today you will be learning:








Today's sound is 'th'. 

Here is the link for Miss Edmonds' video - remember you will need to copy and paste this URL it is not a hyperlink.

Once you have written the words joining in with the video choose one of the words to write in a caption.



Today we are going to start thinking about writing and building vocabulary around the topic pirates.

Use the pants design completed in the literacy task yesterday and discuss with your child the different descriptive words around the pants design, you might also want to look at the pictures from the story on Youtube again to get some more ideas.

The descriptive words might include:

big, spotty, zig-zag. 

Encourage your child to write a list of descriptive words about their pants design. Then tomorrow we will build on this vocabulary and begin to add it into captions and sentences. 



Watch Miss Edmonds' doubling video on youtube, here is the link for you copy and paste

Play the dice game as demonstrated in the video with your child then your child can write a number sentence for the doubled numbers as shown in the video. 



Watch and join in with the cosmic kids pirate themed yoga. 


There are worksheet attachments below, you can use these for EXTRA earning for your child if you choose to.

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