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Wednesday 13th

Hello time with Mrs Parsons

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You have been learning about The Gruffalo story this week. We thought for our literacy lesson we could make our own puppets. You could choose your favourite character from the story or make all of them! 
Think about what they look like, how many legs do they have? Do they have wings, what colour fur do they have? Talk to your grown ups about what they look like, what you think they might be feeling. Is the snake scared, is the owl hungry?
Have fun making them, we can’t wait to see them on tapestry. 



Puppet making with Mrs Swaine

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Follow the video and have a go at using your own toys at home to create your own number blocks.  

Our maths learning today.

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  • Today we are going to have a think about where the Gruffalo characters live? 
  • On your daily walk, can you think about where the characters live? 
  • Why do they live there? 
  • Can you use the word 'because' to explain your reason.  

Gruffalo walk with Mrs Trueman

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Story time


Mrs Swaine would like to share another story with you again today. 

Dinosaurs Love Underpants

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