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Sorry, as some of you may have noticed there are a few mistakes in chilli challenge 2 today, again my sincere apologies if this has confused some of you. I have updated the answer sheet, so you should now see the correct answers

Starter: Test out your times table knowledge! Don't forget you can all still access Times Table Rockstars!

Try out these websites! 

Today we are going to be dividing by sharing using Base 10 drawings and cherry diagrams. You will need to use your place value skills from earlier in the week as you are going to be partitioning a number to help you divide it. Scroll through the screens and then watch the video link at the end.





This is an explanation of some of the words you might see or hear being used when dividing






Watch the video to recap      


2 digit number divided by a 1 digit number with a remainder.


Now you are ready to choose a Chilli Challenge

Chilli 1 is simple 'sharing out' practise. If you choose this, you should then try applying the method above by doing either Chilli 2 or 3 to.



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