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What rules do Christians live by?


In Islam, muslims live by the 5 Pillar rules which help them live as good Muslims. Christianity also has a set of rules, known as the Ten Commandments. These were ten rules that Christians believe were passed on from Jesus and if they followed them, they would be good Christians in the eyes of God.


Two of the most important commandments are:


  • Love your neighbour
  • Love God


Keep these rules in mind while we watch a video telling the parable (story) of The Good Samaritan 


Now that you've watched it, I'd like you to think about who your neighbour is. Can you write a sentence in your book explaining it?


Create a mind map or a list of people that you would say are your neighbour. Then, I'd like you to write down how you could treat your neighbour nicely.

Would dropping litter affect them? How about not using manners? How could we treat people who live far away from us nicely?

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