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Spelling: Game Day!  

Please play some of the games below either using the links or the board game activity to practise your understanding of our learning.  Remember - you can use your poster from yesterday to help you!   You can play the bouncing anagrams, word search, beat the clock etc



Spelling Game - il, al, el or le?

English: Today we are going to start planning our own version of the poem 'Don't'.

The main focus for today will be looking at rhyming.  So what is rhyme? 

Let's start by playing a game about simple rhyming!


They are very cheesy but they explain it clearly!  (Game) (Song)

Activity: The poem 'Don't' uses lots of rhyming so today you need to try out your rhyming skills and ideas!

Use the word banks below and your own ideas to come up with some silly rhymes that you might use in your poem.

Write out this table (the examples are there to help - you don't need to copy them out!) and think of at least 8 ideas (pairs of rhyming words).  Remember the more you think of today, the easier tomorrow will be!  There is also a box to start thinking about the 'sensible' ideas you might use.  Think about the sorts of things your parents tell you NOT to do!

Silly rhyme ideas  (line in line rhyme pattern) Sensible ideas.  Things adults tell you not to do!

Silly rhymes:

Don’t put toffee in my coffee 
don’t pour gravy on the baby 
don’t put beer in his ear 
don’t stick your toes up his nose. 
Don’t put confetti on the spaghetti 
and don’t squash peas on your knees. 

You  need some 'sensible' instruction ideas .  

Don’t pull faces, 
Don’t tease the cat. 
Don’t pick your ears, 
Don’t be rude at school
Who do they think I am? 
Some kind of fool

This website might be helpful to find rhymes.

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