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Maths Starter!

Good Morning - Get your brains in gear by playing a game! Try to pick the level that will challenge you a little! You can print off certificates and keep trying to beat your score.

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Maths -Day 3

Learning Focus - to estimate and measure units of weight. 
Today we are going to focus on how to estimate and measure weight.  Because you are at home, you will have to use (with permission from an adult) whatever type of weighing scales you have.  They might be electric kitchen scales or push down scales.  If you don’t have any scales don’t worry - you can still complete today’s task!

Activity 1- Choose 6 objects of different weights (try not to choose objects with weights on them) Using your hands compare the weights of each item and put them in order of weight - this will be an estimate!  If you have scales, weigh each item and see if your estimates were correct!

** If you don’t have any scales, use one object e.g a bag of sugar or can which has the eight on it.  Organise the objects as heavier or lighter than the main object.

Activity 2- To read scales.  
Look at this Postie game to practise your scale reading skills! Then have a go at the worksheet below.

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