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Spelling - Day 3

Learning Focus: To spell common suffixes -ly and -less.


Begin by watching the BBC lesson below which reviews how to use the -ly suffix.  Complete the mini-activities and quizzes on the page.  Now spend some time looking at some words using the -less suffix.  How does adding -less change the meaning of the word (I gave you a hint about this in Monday's lesson video.)  Talk about or record how using the -less suffix changes the word.

Activity: Complete the -ly quiz and the word search below.   Remember if you can do a screen shot of the word search you can then use online tools (tablet/phone) to highlight the words.

Adventure Stories - Day 3

Learning Focus: To use conjunctions to join ideas.


Today we are going to listen to the next chapter of the story.  Chapter 3.  Our focus for today's lesson is to find examples of and use conjunctions.  Whilst I am reading the chapter, keep your eye out for the conjunctions. There is a list below to remind you!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Flat Stanley - Chapter 3

Still image for this video

Activity: Today you are going to look at a short extract from Chapter 3.  Your first job is to find the conjunctions. 

* If you can print the sheet off use a highlighter or colouring pencil to show where they are. 

*If you don't have a printer, write out the conjunctions used in the text in a list.  

You then need to try to write some of your own conjunction join sentences. 

Use the poster examples at the top of this section to help you.  Remember you join two ideas together with a conjunction.

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