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Maths - Planning a party.


Today, you will need to go online and research the cost of other things you will need for your party!  You can't have food and drink if you have no cups and plates!  I have put some website links below and a list of things you need to PRETEND to buy.  You will need to find out the cost of each item and then work out how many packs you need.  Remember you have a budget so you can't just buy the most expensive!  You will need to be careful!


You need to find out the cost for: 

Paper plates  (35) (25 for your guests and 10 more for to put the food on so it can be served.)

Paper cups (25)

Napkins (50) (one for the food and another for cake!)

Straws (25)

Table covers (3)


Once you have all the prices and amounts - work out the total amount you will have spent.

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