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Wednesday 20th

Hello time and calendar

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  • We are going to continue our learning about rhyme, with another rhyming story called Oi Dog!  Then we are going to play a rhyming soup game.  
  • After we have played together, you could make your own by finding things around the house that rhyme.  All you need is a bowl and spoon and some objects that rhyme.  
  • Or there is a game here that you could play creating your own 'cake' using rhyming words.


Mrs Parsons reads Oi Dog

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Mrs Parsons plays 'Rhyming Soup' game

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In today’s maths we will be recapping the 2d shapes we have been learning about.

Can you remember what they are? 
Can you help Mrs Swaine sort out all the shapes?

Shape sorting

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Scan and Go 
Here’s a fun activity for you to try

  • Draw a triangle, square, circle and rectangle in the 4 corners of a piece of paper.
  • Then cut out a circle in the middle.

You’re now ready to go, it’s as simple as that! 

Explore your home or garden. Find an object then hover your paper over the top of the object you have found and see if you can match it with one of the shapes on your paper. 
Once you’ve scanned your object you can go and find the next one.

Have fun! 
Don’t forget to put your videos or pictures on tapestry so we can see what wonderful things you are doing at home.




Scan and Go

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How to draw

Why don’t you have a look at the links below, and then show us what you can draw.

Story Time with Mrs Parsons

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Story time

Today our story is about how to grow a dinosaur, would you like to grow your own dinosaur? 

How to grow a dinosaur

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