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Wednesday 27th

‘A’ singing our hello song

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‘A’ singing our days of the week song!

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Today we are going to play an I-Spy game with vehicles.  
There are lots of ways you can play this game.  
I have attached it at the bottom too for you to use.  

Play I spy Vehicles with Mrs Parsons

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Heres another maths song, do you think you will know all the shape names now you have been learning about them?

Nursery you have been working so hard with your 2d shapes. Today we are going to have a look at the Pentagon and the Hexagon!


  • Have you ever seen the these shapes in your environment?
  • How many sides do they have? 
  • How many corners do they have?
  • Can you find more shapes than Mrs Swaine?

Pentagon and Hexagon

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Shape Game

  • Here’s a game you could play so you can practice your shape names and describing them.
  • Have a competition with your grown ups to see who gets the most right! 
  • Can you add more shapes, hexagon, pentagon, star or heart? 

Have fun everyone! 

Shape game

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Topic - Junk Modelling!

So today we are going to get creative!

  • Can you make a vehicle out of junk modelling?
  • How can you stick your junk modelling together? 
  • What are you going to use?
  • Talk about what vehicle you want to make and why you like it?

Have fun creating your vehicle! We can’t wait to see them on tapestry later! 

Junk modelling

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Here’s an alternative way to create pictures or practise your writing!

Maybe you’ve got your own ideas on how to create a picture?

Drawing in flour

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