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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - ' RESPECT'

Wednesday 3rd

Today’s Learning - 

  • Hello song, days of the week song with Mrs Parsons 
  • Nursery Rhyme of the Week - Five Little Men 
  • Phonics - Making musical instruments with Mrs Swaine
  • Maths - Hidden numbers game with Mrs Swaine
  • Topic - Fine Motor - Pens attached to vehicles!
  • Story time with Mrs Swaine!


Other activities can be found here!

Hello song, Well Done and Calendar with Mrs Parsons

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  • Can you make your own musical instruments?
  • What could you use to make them?
  • Can you make different instruments that make different sounds?
  • What sounds can you make with your instruments?
  • Can you tap out a beat?
  • Don’t forget to put your amazing musical instruments on tapestry so we can see them! 

musical instruments

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  • Today we are going to go on a number hunt around the house.
  • Can you ask your grown ups to write numbers 0-5 or up to 10 on a post it note or piece of paper?
  • Next your grown ups need to go and hide the post it notes. 
  • Can you find the hidden numbers and tell your grown what number it is? 
  • Maybe you could jump or clap that amount of times!
  • Have fun finding the hidden numbers! 

Hidden numbers

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Topic - Fine motor 

  • Here’s a fun way for you to draw!
  • All you need is a toy car, some crayons or pens and sellotape
  • Sellotape the crayons to the cars and then see what you can draw 
  • Don’t forget to put them on Tapestry! 

Fine motor - crayons and cars

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Story time 

Today’s story is “How to be a Good Cat”

How to be a Good Cat

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