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Activities for Wednesday 6th January


Learning Objectives / Success Criteria

Whole Class

Independent Activity


LO: To identify what makes a good opening.


Success Criteria:

  • Openings to include who, what, when, where
  • Catches your attention/gripping
  • Makes you want to read more
  • Fronted adverbials- time/place/manner
  • Description of characters thoughts/feelings

Look at book openings (first paragraph)

  • What do these tell you about the story?
  • Characters?
  • Where/when?


Which opening did you like most?

  • Why?

Annotate openings with features.



Explain which story opening they liked most and why.


Use the link to check to see how many books you got correct (copy and paste into your search bar)




Watch a TV show, of your choice, with only the subtitles! I recommend muting the TV when doing this, otherwise you may get a bit confused.

There is also a Reading Challenge document, uploaded onto the main Remote Learning page – go ahead and check it out J



For maths we are starting to look at Fractions, more specifically Equivalent Fractions. You were introduced to these in year 2 and every year since. You will continue to develop the range of fractions, using visual representation – which will be important to ensuring a secure understanding. This will move onto looking at improper fractions and mixed number fractions


Go screens to direct you through the process. Any queries please email us.



On the main page of Remote Learning and in the attachments below, open up the booklet called ‘Spring Booklet’

These are your new spellings for the whole term.

For today’s lesson, ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write & Check’ the words for week 1 (Creating nouns using –ity suffix)



For P.E. there are a number of activities that you can chose from doing.

  • Joe Wicks is starting his Lockdown workouts again (as of next week though)
  • Complete an exercise or 2 on FitterFuture (if you need your logins again, please email the class address)
  • Just Dance – especially Rave in the Grave – Love that one! <3
  • Yoga for kids
  • Or alternatively, go on a run or a bike ride – however please stick to government guidelines!





Key Questions


To understand differences and similarities between people.

Class/group/paired discussions about similarities and differences between people


Go through Powerpoints which show differences etc

Give children regular opportunity to discuss with one another.

Draw a self portrait

Label and describe features and interests about themselves.

Compare with other children – similarities and differences




Any work that you complete please either take a picture or attach a copy and email it to us, we'd love to see what you've been doing!


We have done this once before, you can do it again! Easy as pie some would say!  - Miss Featherstone and Mr Kain :)


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