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45 mins – 60 mins

Activities for Wednesday 3rd February


LO: To use persuasive devices.  

Success Criteria:

Language features - alliteration, similes, adjectives

Eye-catching design

Modal verbs

Rhetorical question



Look at tourist attraction adverts/flyers

How are they persuading you to visit?


Look at variety of features (alliteration, similes, description, eye-catching design, modal verbs, pronoun you, rhetorical questions, images)


Create a flyer advert to persuade people to visit city zoo.



Guided Reading on the Remote Learning Homepage


Complete Wednesday Vocab 2 & Wednesday SPaG



Today’s maths is a review of everything that you have learnt over the past couple of weeks.

Adding subtracting multiplying all sorts of fractions

The answers are supplied! So please mark your work. I suggest completing 3ish questions and then marking. If any are incorrect then redo them! Need to get into the habit of amend mistakes rather than continuing



This week’s spellings you will be focusing on ‘Homophones and near homophones’

  • Pyramid writing
  • Rainbow write
  • Blue vowels
  • Bubble writing
  • Graffiti style
  • Or another method of your choice



For P.E. there are a number of activities that you can chose from doing.

  • Joe Wicks is starting his Lockdown workouts again (as of next week though)
  • Complete an exercise or 2 on FitterFuture (if you need your logins again, please email the class address)
  • Just Dance – especially Rave in the Grave – Love that one! <3
  • Yoga for kids
  • Go on a run or a bike ride – however please stick to government guidelines!
  • Or, Curriculum P.E. Lessons – uploaded onto Remote Learning Homepage
  • Finally, Miss Surety has created a page called ‘Weekly P.E. Challenges with Miss Surety’ – check that out!





Key Questions


To realise the nature and consequences of discrimination, teasing, bullying and aggressive behaviours (including cyber bullying, use of prejudice-based language, how to respond and ask for help)

As a class go through the Cyberbullying PowerPoint

Discuss what cyberbullying is

What do you do if you witness it?

Where/how/when does it occur?

Discuss the scenarios.

Create a poster about Cyberbullying

This can be made on the computer, paper or however they feel appropriate.


Remember it’s a poster, so make it nice and bright and beautifully presented =]




~ Team Year 5 ~


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