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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - 'CARING'


Hi everyone,
I hope you enjoyed drawing and making your dinosaurs/dragons as much as I/we loved looking at them. I have been asking lots of you if it is OK to share them with everyone on Tapestry as we are so proud of all the things the children are doing and we want to celebrate their achievements 👏👏👏 They are fantastic 🤩 Keep sending the photos to us and we will share them if it is OK with you 👌
Miss Edmonds used some of them in the class and I can see everyone loved it.

There is a link below if you would like to have a go drawing another dragon: 


We will continue to focus on our dragons stories and the plan for today is: VIDEOS are available to see only on TAPESTRY.

Phonics: we will continue using the sounds from Phase 2 and 3 to build the words. Have a look at different games/ ways to help with blending: Miss Edmonds shows you a game with hoops (you can use cushions, draw/tape boxes on the ground... ). Say the sounds as you make jumps and blend it together. Try Mrs Prince’s game as well using the sounds on post-it notes with the objects as clues as well. Have a go throwing ‘socks’ 😂 or anything if you don’t have ⚽️ in your house and challenge yourself 👍


Literacy: Watch Dragon's Post you might want to do this on Youtube for better quality instead of watching it being filmed on here. The link is:  Who would you ask for help to find the missing dragon? How can you ask for help? Can you write a letter? Like Miss Edmonds said, we will be writing our letters tomorrow but you can plan it: Who is it for? What will you ask for? Where are you going to send it to? Who is it from?


Maths: in the lesson today we will be looking at the length of different objects, comparing them and checking how long or short the things are. In the video you will see Miss Edmonds using cubes to measure the length but you can use anything: beads, pasta, pegs. If you are measuring very long objects, you can place them on the floor and use your feet 🤩 Have fun and make sure you share the things with us and we will share your ideas with others 😉


We have a problem 🤔 As the eggs mum is missing we have nobody to look after the egg and to keep it nice and warm. The children decided to make a nest for the egg, wrap it in lots of nice textiles and the hat and to keep it inside the classroom. They looked at the very important book and read the information about how to look after a dragon’s egg. We know we are very good at it because we got out Caring badges few weeks ago for looking after Mrs Prince’s chickens 👍🤩 Can you help us to look after the egg please? We could sing a song, we could read the egg a nice story or tell them our own story. We also have a very important job to do 🤔🤔 We need a perfect name for our baby dragon 😃


PE: Mindfulness calming activity:  Cosmic kids: Cracker Dragon. 


Have a great day everyone, stay safe and remember anything you do is better than nothing.

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