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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - ' RESPECT'

Wednesday 6th

I hope you really enjoy our remote learning activities today.  
When your child has completed some learning, please share it with us on Tapestry each day! So we can comment and celebrate together.  

Mrs Parsons sings our Hello Song!

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Rhyme of the Week:

Mrs Parsons sings our Rhyme of the Week!

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Phonics/Focus Story: Stick Man by Julia Donaldson 

  • Listen to the story Stick Man read by Mrs Parsons
  • Recap how Stick Man is feeling during the story, especially the word lonely and what that means.  
  • What else could he do?  Can you think about where else he could go?  You could draw a picture or tell your grown up.  
  • When you go outside today, can you think about what else you could use a stick for?  


Mrs Parsons reads Stick Man

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We will be focusing on counting objects, touching 1 object at a time as we count.

Steps for Successful Counting:

  • Put the objects in a line
  • Say the numbers in order
  • Touch each object one at a time
  • The last number you say is the total number.
  • Double check! by counting again.

Have a go at counting some of your toys! 

Successful Steps for Counting!

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Can you draw a picture of your family?  How much detail can you add in?  Can you tell an adult about your picture?

Have a go at teaching your grown up/sibling a nursery rhyme we have learnt this year? 

Don't forget you can recap the ones we have already learnt. They are on the class page linked to “We are learning Makaton”. 



Please allow the children time to learn through play and it would be amazing for us to see what your children get up too.  

Here are some extra links and activities that you may feel you would like to use to support your child.


But it is important that they have some unstructured time where they can engage in their interests and relax.  Remember that "Play is the work of the child" by Maria Montessori. 

Documents for today! Extra activities...

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