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Weekly Homework in Year 4

Current Homework Expectations for Year 4


You will complete 20 minutes each week on Times Table Rock Stars. 

Your session will start Friday and will need to be completed by Wednesday. This will be checked by your teacher. 



Your spelling words will be updated onto the website each week. 
You will need to complete a spelling 2do on PurpleMash. 
This will go live Friday and needs to be completed by Wednesday. This will be checked by your teacher.



You will need to read at home at least three times a week.

Your child will have a reading book that they keep in school and a reading book they can take home and read at home.

Please do not bring your home reading book into school unless it needs to be changed.

Write in your orange reading record when you have read. 

You will also be assigned a book on rising stars please let your teacher know once you've completed a book and a new one can be assigned.


If you don't have access to online learning materials please let your teacher know. 


If homework is not completed by Thursday at the latest the children will need to miss some of their break to complete a paper copy of their homework. This will be a spelling practise sheet for spelling and a times table sheet for maths. 

Spelling Homework

You spelling homework will be set on PurpleMash each week as a 2do.

You will have an activity to complete.
If you don't have access to PurpleMash please let your teacher know. 


Homework needs to be completed on PurpleMash by Wednesday in preparation for a spelling test on Thursday/Friday

* Year 3/4 words (taken straight from the National Curriculum.) will additionally be covered within Morning Tasks.

Children are expected to know how to spell these by the end of year 4.


Spelling Homework
                                       Words ending with the suffix 'ation'                                                                     


Previous Spelling Lists


WB 26/04/21

Words beginning with the prefix 'il'

illegal, illegible, illuminate, illogical, illiterate, illicit, illumination, illusion, illusive, illustration


WB 19/04/21

Words beginning with the prefix 'dis' and 'mis'

disappoint, disagree, disobey, disappear, disinfect, disconnect, misbehave, mislead, misspell


WB 07/12/20

Words ending with ‘shun’ sound

expansion, extension, comprehension, tension, suspension, occasion, dimension, diversion, permission, discussion


WB 30/11/20

Words with sc making a 's' sound

science, scene, discipline, fascinate, crescent, scissors, scenery, descent, ascend, descend


WB 23/11/20

Homophones and near homophones

heel, heal, main, mane, medal, meddle, key, quay, check, cheque


WB 16/11/20

Homophones and near homophones

groan, grown, affect, effect, fair, fare, great, grate, through, threw


WB 09/11/20

Words from the 3/4 list

special, strange, possible, possibly, strength, surprise, remember, although, notice, recent


WB 19/10/20

Words with the 's' sound within the word

sentence, notice, recent, innocent, parcel, process, grocer, December, distance, voice


WB 12/10/20

Words with the 's' sound (ci, cy, ce)

circle, certain, century, cycle, civilian, ceramic, cylinder, cinema, celebrate, circulate


WB 05/10/20

Words that are homophones

missed, mist, plane, plain, scene, seen, rein, rain, blue, blew


WB 28/09/20

Words that end in 'ly' changing a word into an adverb

sad, sadly, complete, completely, usual, usually, final, finally, humble, humbly


WB 21/09/20

Words that end in 'ly' 

happy, happily, angry, angrily, gentle, gently, simple, simply, second, secondly


WB 14/09/20

Revising rules from Year 3

enclosure, creature, redecorate, extension, comprehension, mention, position, immature, supermarket, missed







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