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Weekly Homework in Year 4

Explore Verulamium Museum virtual tour.

This term we are exploring the Romans and how they defeated the Celts with their highly trained soldiers and their influence in Britain. Can you share your findings with the class?

Verulamium Treasures

Homework Expectations for Year 4


You will be encouraged to complete 20 minutes each week on Times Table Rock Stars and others way of practicing such as games, reciting and writing them out. Additionally, you may wish to keep your mental arithmetic skills sharp with Numbots, which uses your TTRS login also.



Words will be updated onto the website each week. You will have eight words. You will need to complete at least one activity from your grid each week. These will be given Friday and needs to be completed by Wednesday. This will be checked by your teacher. 



You will need to read at home at least three times a weekYour child will have access to reading books in school and a chosen reading book they can take and read at home.

Write in your orange reading record when you have read. 


If you don't have access to online learning materials please let your teacher know so that an alternative can be prepared. 


If homework is not completed by Thursday at the latest the children will need to miss some of their break to complete a paper copy of their homework. 

Vocabulary Homework

You will complete one activity from the grid each week.







Spellings for Spring 1 2023


For 11th January

NC Y3/4 statutory spellings* 

18th Jan


25th Jan

a making a short

/o/ sound

1st February

long /a/ sound

8th Feb

Split digraphs

NC Y3/4 statutory spellings* 




*also in NC Y3/4 statutory spellings 


Roman Topic words:

Roman - As a noun, it refers to a citizen or soldier of the ancient Roman Republic or Empire. As an adjective, it refers to people or items from ancient Rome. 

Hypocaust - A hollow space under the floor of an ancient Roman building, into which hot air was sent for heating a room or bath.

Verulamium - Roman name for St Albans.

Mosaic - A picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass.

Colonnade - A row of columns supporting a roof or arcade.

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