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Isolation Tasks

(when school is open but individual's are isolating):

This page is focused on what to do if you are not able to come into school. We don't want you to miss out so we have included some tasks to help you. 


If you would like anything additional please let your teacher know or email


We would love to see your work so you can also email your teacher using 2email on PurpleMash.

Skills Tasks - these should be used if you are just off for a few days if you are awaiting test results.

If you are self-isolating for up to 14 days please follow the lessons that we are completing in class. There is a description of the task that should be completed and links to help with ideas below.


(To be completed during the time that school is closed to most children):

Click the 'REMOTE LEARNING' icon below to access the learning that you can complete from home each day.
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