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Weekly Planners

AUTUMN 2nd 2021

This term will be lots of celebrations and festivals that we will be learning about, as well as all different things we are interested in exploring and finding out about. 

AUTUMN 1st 2021/22

This week we will be learning about Autumn: changes outside/signs/colours/weather. 

This week we will be learning about healthy living and all the things we need to do to stay healthy. We will listen to different stories, answer questions and talk about own experiences linked to healthy lifestyles. 

Please check our weekly planners to see what else we will be doing this week.

Reception team smiley

W/b 27th September 2021

Thank you so much for all the wonderful baby photos that you shared with us. Children (and adults) really enjoyed talking about themselves when they were babies and noticing all the differences, as well as their abilities- what they could do then and what they can do now.  

This week we will continue to talk about ourselves and our families. We will talk about who is in our family, how the families are different, the sense of belonging. 

See the weekly planner for more information. 

This week we will be learning about ourselves and what makes us special and unique. We will look at the photographs of us when we were babies and talk about the changes: the way we look, things we eat, what we wear, what we can do now that we couldn't do before. 

We will start the topic with a book 'What makes me a me' that you can listen to by clicking on the link below:

We will also learn a song about being different

This week Makaton sign is TOILET and HAND WASH. Ask your children to show you and use it all the time. Last week sign was HELLO and GOOD MORNING. Keep signing smiley 


Polite notice: 

Please remember to make sure that your children clothes are clearly labelled, as we already have few jumpers/cardigans with no names on them. ,

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