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Sports Week


14  June 2018

Dear Parents and Carers

Sports Week starts on the 25 June. All children must come to school every day in their school PE kit. They also need a named water bottle every day.


Monday - The children need to come to school dressed as a ‘sporting hero’ or they can come in their PE kit. We will not send them home with their PE kit the week before because we need them all in school for Monday afternoon. At 10am we will all be outside taking part in the Fun Run. All parents are invited to watch.

In the afternoon we will be getting on a coach to go to the Sports Centre for a sports festival with other schools. The children must wear their school PE kit for the festival. We will get them changed into this before we go. They will then go home on Monday in their school PE kit.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - the children must come to school in their school PE kit, they need trainers/ plimsolls and a named water bottle.


Thursday - is Sports Day. The children must come to school in their school PE shorts, trainers or plimsolls and the colour t-shirt for their house. It does not matter if you do not have a t-shirt of just that colour. If you have a t- shirt that is mainly that colour, then that is fine. It can have other patterns and pictures on it. If you don’t have the correct colour, then a white t-shirt with a label or colour drawn or stuck on will also be fine.

Nursery, Reception, Year 1 & 2 sports morning starts at 10am and finishes at 11.45am.

The school gate will be unlocked at about 9.45am. It will take place on the school field. The children stay in a group with children from their house from Nursery, Year 1 & 2. Parents can watch all events and walk round the outside of the activities. We do ask that you do not come over to your child during the event. If all 200 parents came over to have a chat with their child, then you can imagine how hard it would be for staff to safeguard and look after all the children. It can also upset many children.

During sports week the children will be taking part in different sport lessons with their class, going to whole school sport assemblies and having a coaching session with a football coach.

These will take place whatever the weather so please send your child in with suitable clothing e.g. sun hat/cap, sunscreen, school fleece/jumper, coat, waterproof, etc.


We hope to have an exhausting week!




Miss Elsey

Foundation Leader/Deputy Head



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