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Fine Motor Zone!

Our Fine Motor Zone!

This is our new page to support children with all things fine motor!  When we talk about fine motor we mean developing our finger strength.  This is so important for all other parts of development.  We start with gross motor (Whole Body) development so lots of running, jumping, moving in different ways, climbing, developing core strength to name a few.  Once children have the gross motor skills, you will find that their finger strength will begin to develop and improve.  This will then make writing a lot easier when children are ready! Also fine strength activities is not just about pen to paper it is about strengthening the muscles, so play doh, Lego and so on are all good activities to continue. 

We are going to add activities that we feel would help your child improve their finger strength.  This page will be updated regularly! 

Please note - The links below are not hyperlinks.  So please select them and copy and paste and put into a new window. 

Transferring Ice cubes

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Here’s a short video showing how you can use tongs (or fingers!) to strengthen fine motor skills. You can use anything to transfer e.g. pasta, cotton wool balls even stones from the garden.
This activity will help strengthen the muscles that supports hand writing and scissor control

Lego man rescue!

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Can you rescue the Lego men?
For this fine motor activity you can use sellotape or equivalent and stick objects around the house. You can also place things high so the children have to stretch which will build on their gross motor as well!
Under the table is good as they have to stretch to reach up to pick the tape off.
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