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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead     Value of the Month - 'HONESTY'

Week 1: Fri 5th Jan and WC: 8th Jan


Hi Nursery!


This week we will be beginning our topic with the book Emergency By Margaret Mayo.  We have a link here for you to listen to.  READ ALOUD: Emergency! - A children's book about helping out, fire trucks, and other awesome engines - YouTube.  We will be learning all about the different types of emergency vehicles. 



Our Nursery Rhyme of the Week is 5 Little Firemen.  Please note: We will be making it very clear that all people can become firefighters.  Here is the link.  Makaton - Five LITTLE FIREMEN - Singing Hands - YouTube


In Phonics, we will be introducing the children to rhyme.  Using stories, such as This is the Bear by Sarah Hayes, illustrated by Helen Craig - YouTube.  


In Maths, we will be learning about the number 3.  We will be using number blocks as an introduction.  BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks - Series 1: Three.  We will be learning about the number 3 in lots of different ways.  


In PE, we will be learning to take our shoes and socks/tights on and off.  We will be playing the Bean game.  For example, French bean, runner bean, jumping bean etc.  


We will be continuing to change our library books on a Tuesday.  


On Thursday is Woodlands.  We will be thinking about number 3 in the Woods and see what we can notice.  


We hope you all have a lovely week of learning and fun at Nursery!


Mrs Parsons & Mrs Meggitt

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