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Week 2: 15.01.24

Hi Nursery!


This week we will be beginning our topic with the book Emergency By Margaret Mayo.  We have a link here for you to listen to.  READ ALOUD: Emergency! - A children's book about helping out, fire trucks, and other awesome engines - YouTube.  We will be learning all about the different types of emergency vehicles. 



Our Nursery Rhyme of the Week is 5 currant buns.  Here is the link: Five Currant Buns Nursery Rhyme! | Mr Tumble and Friends (


In Phonics, we will be continuing with rhyming games such as: silly soup and odd one out.


In Maths, we will be working with numbers 0-3. We will be working hard to count 1 object for each number. 


This week we will be doing computing. 


We will be continuing to change our library books on a Tuesday.  



This Thursday we will be be doing circle time instead of woodlands and we will be thinking about catching our coughs and sneezes in our hands. 



We hope you all have a lovely week of learning and fun at Nursery!


Mrs Parsons & Mrs Meggitt

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