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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section.


The Governors at Galley Hill are a small group of people, both elected by parents and chosen from the wider community. They are all volunteers and as such are not paid a salary for this role. They work closely with the school staff to support the school and to help it to meet its statutory obligations. This covers three main areas:


  • Strategic: involving setting policies, planning for the future and managing change.

  • Monitoring and accountability: ensuring the school meets educational and financial targets and has plans in place to meet performance objectives.

  • Supporting: supporting the school by celebrating and praising achievement, but also act as a critical friend, seeking improvement and asking questions where appropriate.


The full Governing body meets on a regular basis, usually once every half term. In addition to this the Governors attend sub-committee meetings at least twice a term. At Galley Hill we have two sub-committees: Teaching and Learning and Resources. The approved minutes of the meetings held by the Governing Body detail attendance at the meetings and are available from the school office.


The Governors also try to visit the school during the day and at events such as the school fair, open evenings etc. They also represent the school at a variety of functions and meetings.


As a Governing body we respect (and need) feedback from parents and we are always happy to meet with you.

Contact can be made via the school office.


Mrs K. Edwards - Chair of Governors

Mrs E. Birch - Head Teacher

Mrs K. Cleveland Marwick - Vice Chair / Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee 

Miss S. Elsey

Mrs G. Ringrose - Chair of Resources Committee

Mrs L. Pearce

Mrs M. Sparrow

Mrs R. Mason

Mr A. Changela

Mr B. Mackenzie

Mrs R. Mason

Mrs T. Hunter

Miss Z. Howse

Miss H. Duggan



Clerk to Governors

Mr J. Conlon

Galley Hill School adheres to the safeguarding protocols in place for all governors. Governors may be contacted via the school office, and can only deal with complaints where the schools complaints policy has been followed. This is to ensure that all complaints are handled fairly. The schools procedure for handling complaints is available on the website or from the office.


Please find tables below showing how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, interests, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor. There is also an attendance register. 

Name Category Start date End date Appointed by Relevant Committees Responsibilities Register of business interests/Any relationship to staff.
Karen Cleveland-Marwick  Co-opted 01/09/2008 01/07/2023 Governing Body Teaching & learning committee, Heads performance appraisal English  
Kerry Edwards  Co-opted 01/08/2008 01/07/2023 Governing Body Resources committee, Heads performance appraisal Chair, SEND, Safeguarding, CLA, EYFS, Pupil Premium, Science, Music  
Emily Birch  Headteacher 01/04/2016   Governing Body All committees    Headteacher
Hannah Duggan Staff 24/09/2020 23/09/2024 Staff Body Teaching & learning committee   Staff
Gail Ringrose  Staff 01/09/2011 01/07/2023 Staff Body Resources Committee Maths, MFL Staff
Marian Sparrow Co-opted 27/11/2017 26/11/2021 Governing Body Resources Committee, Heads performance appraisal PE, Mental Health Guide Leader
Sarah Elsey Associate 16/05/2016 15/05/2024 Staff Body Resources Committee   Deputy Head
Anit Changela Parent 16/05/2016 15/05/2024 Parent Body Resources Committee PSHE/Wellbehing, RE, Computing Works for BT
Leah Pearce Co-opted 27/11/2017 26/11/2021 Governing Body Resources Committee Art, D&T Herts catering
Bob Mackenzie Parent 11/11/2019  10/11/2023 Parent Body Teaching & Learning committee    
Ruth Mason LEA 25/11/2019  24/11/2023 Governing Body Teaching & Learning Committee History/Geography   
Tracey Hunter Co-opted 24/09/2020 23/09/2024 Governing Body Teaching & Learning committee    
Zoey House Parent 24/09/2020 23/09/2024 Parent Body Teaching & Learning committee    
Governor Attendance 07/09/2020 23/11/2020 22/03/21 10/05/2021 05/07/2021    
Karen Cleveland-Marwick  ü ü          
Kerry Edwards   ü ü          
Emily Birch  ü  ü          
Hannah Duggan   ü          
Gail Ringrose  ü ü          
Sarah Elsey ü ü          
Anit Changela ü ü          
Leah Pearce  ü ü          
Marian Sparrow ü ü          
Bob MacKenzie ü ü          
Ruth Mason ü ü          
Tracey Hunter   ü          

Zoey Howse

Governor Attendance 09/09/2019 25/11/2019 30/03/2020 11/05/2020 29/06/2020    
Karen Cleveland-Marwick  ü ü Cancelled ü ü    
Kerry Edwards  ü ü Cancelled ü ü    
Emily Birch  ü ü Cancelled ü ü    
James Inglis ü   Cancelled        
Gail Ringrose  ü ü Cancelled ü ü    
Howard Lyons ü ü Cancelled ü ü    
Sarah Elsey ü ü Cancelled ü ü    
Anit Changela ü   Cancelled ü ü    
Leah Pearce ü ü Cancelled ü      
Marian Sparrow ü ü Cancelled ü ü    
Bob Mackenzie   ü Cancelled  ü      
Ruth Mason   ü  Cancelled  ü ü     
Governors who have stepped down              
  Start date End date Appointed by        
Darren Sheard 01/09/2015 16/05/2016 Parent body        
Revina Whale 24/11/2014 22/04/2016 Parent body        
Sarah Mann 01/09/2015 31/03/2016 Parent body        
Donna Spooner 01/09/2012 31/03/2016 Staff        
Jo Leonard   31/08/2017 Governing Body        
Clayton Sanders   31/08/2017 Governing Body        
Vicky Hall 20/06/2016 06/03/2018 Parent body        
Adele Dennis 14/05/2019 13/05/2019 Parent body        
Ben Robins   09/09/2019 LEA        


James Inglis

  29/06/2020 Staff        
Howard Lyons   29/06/2020 Parents        
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