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Supporting Independence!


In the nursery year, children will learn many skills. Independence underpins everything your child will learn. One of the skills is getting dressed independently. The first steps is their coat. In nursery they learn the 'school way' I have posted a picture underneath so you know what your child is talking about. The children are doing so well in getting their coats on and now it will be their zip. Zips can be tricky so it may be in nursery year or even the reception year.


Finally, after half term we will be taking off and on our shoes and socks for PE. Could you please help your child to get used to this? To help with this, could you please ensure your child's shoes are labelled. You could also put a sticker in your child's shoes to support their left and right and knowing which ones are their shoes.

Many Thanks
Mrs Parsons

Supporting Independence!

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