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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead     Value of the Month - 'RESPECT'

Week 1: 15.04.24

Hi Nursery!

This week we are beginning our new topic of Growing.  We will starting our topic with a story called Titch.  We will be thinking about when we were a baby and all the things we can do now.  

We have a link here for you to listen to. Titch by Pat Hutchins (


Please check out our Tapestry post about our baby photo! 


Our Nursery Rhyme of the Week is I had a Tiny Turtle, here is the link.  Tiny Tim (I Had a Little Turtle): Song Version (


In Phonics we are starting to learn initial sounds of words e.g first sound of our names. We will be playing games like I-Spy, Odd One out and cross the river.  


In Maths we are beginning to use our number knowledge to think about numicon.  We will be exploring numicon in lots of different ways.  


Tuesday - Library - Please ensure you have your reading books so we can change them.  

Wednesday - PE - We will thinking about how we can move in different ways.  We will be moving in different ways to some large shapes that will be placed around the hall.  

Thursday - PSE - We will be having a circle time all about Anger.  


We hope you all have a lovely week of learning and fun at Nursery!


Mrs Parsons & Mrs Meggitt

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