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Stories for Wellbeing

The Hot and Bothered Air Balloon, by Juliette Ttofa

A therapeutic story about feeling stressed. The story teaches children about how we can use relaxation and mindfulness techniques when we are feeling stressed, and the benefits of finding an outlet for our emotional distress.

What other techniques do you know which could help you calm down when you feel stressed or angry?

Marvelous Me, by Lisa Bullard

Self love is an excellent way of feeling good and happy about ourselves. Marvelous Me sees Alex think about all the ways in which he is different to his peers, and how these things make him special. He also explores his different emotions and how his friends and family help him feel better.

Can you think about all the ways you are special? What do you love about yourself?

The Huge Bag of Worries, by Virginia Ironside

A story all about anxiety, Jenny finds that wherever she goes her worries follow her - quite literally! Jenny becomes overwhelmed until her kind neighbour helps her manage her worries. For some of them, just talking about them and getting them out in the open made them disappear.

It's perfectly OK to feel anxious, but what could you do to help yourself feel better? Who could help you? 

Virginia Ironside | The Huge Bag of Worries

My Gratitude Jar, by Kristin Wiens

Gratitude is an excellent way of feeling happier and better about ourselves. We can be thankful for the little things, like the sound of birds singing and the clouds in the sky, or the big things, like having a house to live in and food to eat. When we think about all the things we are thankful for it dramatically changes our brain's chemistry - leading to a peaceful mind.

In this story Jacob learns the value of practicing gratitude every day. 

What are you thankful for? Can you list 5 different things you are thankful for every morning when you wake up?

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