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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead     Value of the Month - 'RESPONSIBILITY'


Wk 1 - Maths Homework sheet This week it is all about place value.

Choose your own digits and follow the questions.  

This is the same sheet that we completed in Maths lessons at school so that you can continue ticking over that thinking.

Week 1 H/W - All About Me - 08/09/23

This week's homework task sheet is 'All About Me'. Pupils will create a poster all about themselves. This is an opportunity to reflect and share who they are as a person. This will also help the Y5 staff to get to know every student. You may wish to prompt your child with things they have achieved, clubs and lessons they attend outside of school and anything else of note.


Key Vocabulary: 







For example: Josie Bloggs

The main thing you MUST know about me is that I adore dogs. Since 2019, I have two energetic, tiny dogs called Pepper and Basil. Occasionally, I walk them, but my older brother walks them usually. On Tuesdays, I attend Karate lessons. Although it is tricky, I have persevered and earned my yellow belt with an orange tip. My favourite book is The World’s Laziest Duck by Quentin Blake and John Yeoman. My favourite film is Arthur because he is the underdog and although Steve is better at organising things, he doesn’t care about Christmas as much as Arthur. I prefer salted popcorn over sweet. I last ate popcorn, when I went to the cinema to watch Elementals. I saw it with my Grandpa Mustaf.

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