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Roman Verulamium

Explore the Verulamium Museum Virtual Tour (online) or visit in person.

Explore the wonderful collections and learn the story of the third largest city in Roman Britain.

Mosaic and wax rubbing Art challenge.

Make a mosaic and then have a go at creating more artwork through mosaic collage and wax rubbing to finish.
Be observant. It's quick!

Worry not. Miss Lewis has broken it down below:
1. Design your idea by sketching it out.
2. Cut out paper/card/scraps of material that are thinner than a pound coin.
3. Stick them down to bring your design to life.
4. Get a piece of paper and a crayon or pencil or wax candle.
5. Rub your crayon/pencil/wax over the paper on top of your creation.
6. You can stick with the rubbing, add to it or paint over the wax/crayon and see what happens.
Good Luck!

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