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Diamond Blog

On Wednesday 26th May Diamond Class visited College Lake for an explorers day.  We had a wonderful day and our behaviour was excellent.

For our first activity we went on a sensory walk through the herb gardens, we created potions choosing herbs that  we liked the smell of and mixing them together - we then made a secret wish with our potion.  We then looked carefully for different colours and created a small piece of nature art.  We then listened really carefully to see what birds we could hear and how many different types of birdsong we noticed.

Our second activity was pond dipping.  We started by extracting some pond water and pondlife into small magnifying pots and looked carefully to see what we could find.  We all had a turn using the nets to dip into the pond and seeing what life we could capture.

Our final activity was a woodland exploration.  We had to be detectives and look for signs that woodland creatures had been in the area we were in.  We found bones, feathers, footprints and nibbled leaves.  Some of us also found some creepy crawlies and a pheasant egg was discovered hidden under a log - we think a fox had stolen it to eat later.



Today we took part in a charity Bunny Hop for the Peace Hospice.  We did really well and some of us managed to run 7 laps of the track (nearly 2 miles!).  We then met some very important people - the Mayor of Hemel Hempstead, MP Sir Mike Penning and the Charity workers from the Peace Hospice.


Well done Diamond class.


Check out our seeds.  


We found that the seeds planted in soil grew but the seeds on paper towel did not germinate.  

Why not replant your seed if it was on a paper towel and see if it will grow once transferred into soil.



Today in maths we made clocks and labelled all the different features.

We will use our new clocks to help us with our lessons on time over the next few days.



Today the children practised their sketching skills and drew some still life.

Here are a few examples of what they produced - didn't they do well!

In science this week we planted broad bean seeds.  We have chosen one of 3 ways to plant them, some of us chose to put them under the soil, some of us chose to put them on top of the soil and some of us put them on a wet paper towel.  We will keep a close eye on them over the next couple of weeks and monitor how they change and, hopefully, grow.


In PE this week we have been working on our ball skills.


We had great fun in outdoor learning this week creating animal habitats.

Excellent homework produced by Zoja this week. 

Really well done on a beautiful poster.



This week in our outdoor learning lesson we created nature art.  We were very creative and came up with some lovely designs.  Here are some of them...

We had a wonderful learning to learn day on Monday 19th October. 

The whole school were building puppets and in year 2 we focused on sock puppets.

We linked our project to the story Aliens Love Underpants and created an alien sock puppet which we used to recreate the story.

Check out our planning designs and finished sock puppets in the pictures below.

In DT this half term we have been designing and building a new house for Peppa Pig.  2 of her cousins (the 3 little pigs) did not use the right materials for their houses so we investigated how to make a stable structure that would stop the Big Bad Wolf (our class fan) from blowing our structure over.

Here are our finished houses.

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