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British Values Learning to Learn day.



In DT we made axles ready for when we build our vehicles in a couple of week.  

We had to work with a partner to saw a dowel in half.  We then attached some wheels using a drawing pin.


In science we have started learning about animals and their habitats.  This week we explored seaside habitats.  We finished our lesson by going on a virtual trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta USA.  Check out some of the habitat webcams - our class favourite is definitely the ocean voyager webcam, take a look to see why:


World Book Day.


Such amazing costumes today to represent our theme Journeys.

Well Done Diamond class.


In Geography today we explored different types of maps that were displayed around our classroom and then discussed what we noticed about them all.



In Maths we have been looking at doubling and halving.

Today we worked with a partner on halving tens numbers. 

Some of us also had a go at halving two digit numbers.

DT - Smoothie making

Today we made smoothies.  We chose from strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and banana and mixed our concoctions with either pineapple juice, apple juice or orange juice.  

We used [dinner] knives so we could cut safely, measured our fruit into our cup, then added some juice before smooshing (that's a technical term for blending if you didn't know wink).

We all tasted our smoothies and some of us liked them so much that we drunk it all.

We had lots of fun.


Windsor Castle

We had a wonderful trip to Windsor Castle and the children's behaviour was excellent.  

They enjoyed looking for the flag to see if the Queen was in - she wasn't.  We explored the grounds of the castle spotting various features including the arrow slits, battlements, towers and canons.

We were extremely lucky to be able to watch the Changing of the Guard which was very interesting and the brass band played the James Bond theme tune.  

We walked through the palace and were amazed by the gold on the walls and ceilings, the huge and very glittery chandeliers and the ginormous Christmas Trees dotted all around.

We got hands on in a workshop where we learnt about how the castle would be attacked by enemies and how the castle would be protected from an invasion.

Finally, we walked through the chapel and showed great respect for other people by walking silently and taking in the beautiful stained glass windows, decorated organ and wood panelled walls and ceilings. 

DT - Animal Structures

In DT this term we designed and made our own bug houses.  We had to think about what would be a good material to be used outside, we also talked about how to make the structure stable so that it wouldn't fall over in a the wind, finally, we explored natural materials that were available on the school site that we could use for our bug houses and that might appeal to the local wildlife.

Coronation Tea Party

For History we learnt about the Queen's coronation, we then had a tea party where we watched real footage from the ceremony and then had a celebration tea party with yummy food and music from the 1950's.  It was great fun.

Maths - Ordering lengths

Today we took our maths learning outside.  We found different natural materials, measured them and put them into order according to their size.  We did really well.

Maths - Adding 

Today we practised our addition skills using counters and tens frames, we did really well.

Maths - Regrouping

Today we explored regrouping using a tens frame and unifix cubes.

Maths - Tens and ones

Today we explored tens and ones using money.

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