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Summer 1 Update - Please Read

Summer 1 Update 

Welcome back to Nursery and we cannot wait to start back on Tuesday 16th April.  


Our Topic this half term will be Growing.


Here are some of the key things we will be learning about next term.  

In Phonics, this half term we will be thinking about Alliteration and Initial sounds. 

  • Building on from Rhyme the children have been looking at Initial sounds last half term.  We will be challenging them to think about Alliteration too. 
  • It is so important that children can hear the first sound in words.  
  • A really simple way to support your child is when you talk and notice different words.  "How interesting that cat and coat have the same sound at the beginning".  


In Maths, this term we will be continuing to increase our understanding of Number

  • In Nursery we will be focusing on recognising numbers to 5. 
  • We will be using our love of Number blocks to help us with this. 
  • When we learn about numbers it is really important that we learn everything about that number.  This helps us to form lots of links. 
  • Here are some of the questions we will be asking:
    • So what it looks like, for example 2. 
    • Can we count to 2?
    • Can we find 2 trees? 
    • Can we find 2 on a dice? 
    • Can we find the 2 Numicon? 
    • Do we know what comes before 2 and after? 
    • What is 1 less than 2?  


In PE, we will be continuing to take our schools and socks off in PE.  After May Half Term, the children will be beginning to get ready for PE into their PE kits.  So it is now a good time to begin to get that ready so it can stay on their peg.  The children will need: 

  • PE Blue Top
  • Black Shorts or Joggers
  • Plimsoles or black trainers.


This needs to be in a clearly labelled bag with their name on.  


As part of our Physical Development learning, the children will be taking part in a session called 'Dough Disco', you may have heard of it.  Each child has there own piece of play doh and we learn to move the playdoh in different ways.  It is a lot of fun and is really good at strengthening the children's fingers.  



Things your child needs at nursery.  We continue to need the following things at nursery:

  • Change of clothes
  • Wellington boots
  • Water bottle
  • Coat
  • In hot weather - a hat and sun cream (applied before school).
  • Lunch box (if your child stays for lunch club)


As always any questions please speak to a member of staff at the door.  

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