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Online Safety

Please look at some of the websites below and complete some of the fun activities which will help you stay safe online


Please Stay Safe Online, do not post photographs of yourself. You can create an Avatar to use as your picture online by going to our Create an Avatar page.

Safe Searching - younger children


When using the Internet to search for information please use the following website.
Always remember to Stay Safe.


Kidrex - Google custom safe search


DK Find Out website



Infant Encyclopedia
by Mr S. Haughton



Image websites

These websites all provide CC (Creative Commons) images for use in your work. "Creative Commons" means that the images CAN be copied and saved legally for you to use. Please remember to give credit to the website in your work..

Open Clipart Library

NEN Gallery



Comp fight- Restrict your search to Creative Commons 'Only' and leave Safe Search 'On'


The links on this page are to external websites. All these links have been checked, but we cannot accept responsibility for the content on, or links from these sites.  Children should always be supervised by a responsible adult when using the Internet.

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