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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead     Value of the Month - 'RESPONSIBILITY'

School Day

Playground expectations before 8.45am and after 3.15pm

Please help the Galley Hill Community to have a positive, happy & safe experience on the school's playgrounds. Our playgrounds are very busy with adults, children and young children. We need to ensure everyone’s safety. These expectations are to ensure no one is hit or hurt while waiting on the playground. We will be talking about these in assembly and the school council will be completing a review of the expectations.


  • Bikes and scooters must be walked onto the school playground. No riding bikes or scooters on the school grounds.
  • Balls can hit and hurt others. No footballs or balls to be used on the school playgrounds before or after school.
  • Please do not sit or stand on the table tennis tables. They are not made to hold the weight of people.
  • The benches and petal shelters are to be sat on. Do not stand or climb on them.
  • The play trails are not monitored by staff before or after school. Please do not use them before or after school.
  • Please show others respect. Always speak politely to others and let others through gates, doorways and down steps. 

School Times

8.45 am

Morning registration

10.30 - 10.45 am


10.45 - 11 am


12 noon


1 pm

Afternoon registration

3.15 pm

School closes for Foundation, KS1 and KS2.

Nursery Hours:

8.30 am to 11.30 am or
12.30 pm to 3.30 pm

8.30 am to 2.30 pm for pupils in receipt of 30 hour funding


School Week

The length of the school week, from the start of the school day to the end of the school day, including breaks, is as follows:

Foundation, Key Stage 1, and Key Stage 232 hours, 30 minutes per week (32.50 h.)


We ask that children arrive on time. Being punctual is important for both your child and for the rest of the class. Children enter school when they hear the whistle. As they hang up their coats and sort out their bags, children settle in to a familiar routine and become ready to participate in learning. A late arrival disturbs this routine and can unsettle both your child and the class as a whole.


At the end of the school day, the children in the Foundation Area and Year 1 stay in their classrooms with their teacher until a parent or carer is seen to be waiting outside to collect them. Children in Years 2 and 3 will be dismissed from their classroom or the path outside when someone has arrived to collect them. Children in Year 4 will be dismissed from the Key Stage 2 fire doors when someone has arrived to collect them. No child from Foundation to Year 4 will be allowed to leave school until a known person is there to collect them. The school must be informed if the regular person is not collecting the child.


In Years 5 and 6, the children may meet their parent or carer on the playground or walk home independently. Please make sure your child knows who is collecting them or if they should walk home. Children are reminded to return into school if the expected person does not arrive to collect them. 

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