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Here at the Galley Hill School we have entered into a number of different sports leagues including football, netball and dodgeball. Our year 5's and 6's have been playing in lots of fixtures for football and netball. Even in really difficult games the children never fail to still have a smile on their face as they know it all comes with practice. Majority of the children coming to Miss Surety's football and netball clubs have had no experience outside of school playing for a team and in a competitive aspect so their efforts have been fantastic. We now have been informed the results... unfortunately, our football teams did not make it to the semi finals which they definitely deserved to play in however, our netball team are through to the semi finals!!!!! Their determination has been solid throughout and considering none of them had played before they are very good players. I advice them to continue playing whether that's in secondary school or an outside team. Football will be changed after half term to dodgeball after school. The netball club will continue as usual for years 5 and 6.


This month has been a very busy month in regards to sports. We had a dodgeball tournament for our year 6's which we are still waiting on results for. We had a Rugby tournament for years 3 and 4 at Camelot which was exciting but very soggy! Then football tournaments for school for years 3 and 4 which they came 3rd in overall. Also, 5 and 6 that came 2nd so close! Both in school and out the children have shown real interest in wanting to represent their school and be part of a team and i am so overwhelmed with how many people keep showing up so thank you.


Currently we have year 1's and 2's have basketball coaching on a Friday with two of the Hemel Basketball Players. We found that all the children are really engaged in basketball and really enjoy the different activities just having fun! We also have S4K coaches that come in on a Tuesday to do games and team based work. This coaching is currently for our year Reception and yer 5's however different years will get the opportunity every half term.


We also have our new Bronze Ambassadors Rishi, Theo, Oscar an Kelly which are currently in the middle of starting their first ever project. Their job is to promote a healthy lifestyle and come up with psychical challenges and competitions that the whole school can get involved with. They are currently running Funday Friday on the KS1 playground where they play games and encourage the little ones to join. They are also decorating their board in the school to make it inviting and stand out. We can't wait to see more of them for the rest of the school year!


Finally, as most people are aware the Common Wealth Game are coming us this summer. As a school we are trying to get into the spirit of the events coming up. We are currently starting to think of house competitions we can do during the children's pe lessons that we can make competitive to see which house we have as a winner at the end of Spring. Coming soon....


Lots and lots going on sporting wise this month so will update you with up coming things when we can!


Thank you,


Miss Surety :)


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