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Sports Blog


Here at the Galley Hill School  we are exploring a number of different sport activities whether that be within lesson or after school. During the first half term, both year 5 & 6 classes got the opportunity to join the after school football club. We were so impressed with the number of children that turned up to develop their football skills. Each week we were working on our ability to pass, dribble and shoot to improve technique. We hope to see our hard work reflected on the league table. We wish to carry on this club after the national lockdown and see the same amazing faces committed to come each week! Also, we are excited to announce that we will be starting a year 6 netball club, the date is not confirmed as of yet due to uncertain times, however we hope to see as many people there as possible.


In our very busy first term back we completed our very own mini olympics, were children from years 1-5 had a selection of activities to complete to the best of their ability within their pe lessons. These included, athletic relays, basketball dribble, boccia, curling, quoit throwing and leap frog relay. The results we gained from these activities were then sent to decide our place against other schools, which we haven't got back yet. These activities really worked on the children's teamwork to get as many points as possible, to represent our school as best as we could. We were really impressed with the encouragement that the children were given their peers to persevere and carry on even when they were finding it tough. We hope that our hard work and determination will reflect on the results when they come through!


Now we are in our first weeks back after the half term we are currently doing a school cross-country. Depending on what year each child is in they had to jog a number of laps whilst their teacher times them. Again we were really impressed with the children's support as they cheered their fellow classmates on when they were jogging around the track. We could tell the hard work was put in after seeing all of them red faces at the end of the race! We have put so much hard work in our DSSN events, we hope we have achieved some good quality results.


Also, we have had some Year 3 & 4 speed stacking competitions which were very sufficient in teamwork again, as they competed against other schools. The children were supporting one another individually and in group work. We wanted the children to try get the best possible scores they could in the event and hope the results prove that. Also within the same time gap years 1 & 2 participated in target games during their core pe lessons. These involved activities such as football, boccia, archery, curling, trigolf, skittles, bowls and quoit throwing. Now with only a week and a half left, Galley Hill have participated in so many activities and events this term, by the new year we will know how we have done when the hard work hopefully reflects in our final scores! Lets make 2021 a massive year of achievement in our pe lessons and sporting events win or loose!

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