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Christmas Nursery Lunch Club Fun!

Afternoon nursery sing Jingle Bells

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Morning nursery singing Jingle Bells

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Learn to Learn Values Day!

Goldilocks and the three bears - Making porridge!

Polydron Fun!

We talked about the word stretchy and what it means. We used our pants to test how stretchy they were.  We also wanted to know which pair went the furthest?  We had a great time investigating! 

Flinging Pants!


The children are really enjoying their focus book today! We have loved talking about pants.  We did also talk about the fact we can look at these pants because they are in our special bag.  But we do not look at other children’s pants.  

The children have loved their CHIL books today!

We noticed that the children really wanted to draw in notebooks.  So Today the children have been introduced to their New CHIL books where they can draw and write in CHIL.  They are really engaged and enjoy that it is their book.  

Positional Language and Paw Patrol


Today Paw Patrol came to visit to help us learn all about positional language. We talked lots about the words ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under’. We also thought about the words ‘behind’ and ‘in front’.  Then we continued to have a fantastic conversation about Paw Patrol and why Rocky doesn’t like water! 

Paw Patrol and Positional Language

This week our focus story is ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. The children have loved acting it out.

PE - We’re going on a bear hunt!

When a dinosaur came to visit our nursery!


The children were very excited when they saw that a dinosaur had visited our school.  This started a discussion about how tall he is and why he didn’t get into the classroom and where he has gone now?  We spoke about that we needed to make posters to let children and adults know that there had been a dinosaur spotting.   So we looked at posters around the classroom and talked about what they are. Then the children set off to create their own! 


When a dinosaur came to visit our nursery!

Volcano experiment

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