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Exploring fractions of length in Maths

Learning to Learn Day - Really Wild Day!

Animal Yoga!

We spent our outdoor learning session practising our yoga skills, seeing if we could represent different animals.

Design & Technology


Team Pearl have been exploring wheels, axles and chassis in preparation for designing and making their own moving vehicle!


Outdoor Maths


The children have been using our woodlands area to explore 2D shapes and repeating patterns!


Learning to Learn Day: Values


Our Learning to Learn Day in December was all about values. We discussed each of Galley Hill's values and then explored four of them in detail - and our theme was Superheroes! We co-operated with a partner to create our very own superhero, we persevered when battling mummies and lava on Purple Mash, we were responsible when decorating biscuits then practised being patient whilst creating our own superhero bracelets - all whilst wearing our new superhero masks!


Science investigation

For our 'Plants' topic the children have asked whether a seed would grow underneath soil, on top of soil or in a wet paper towel. They planted their seeds and we'll be observing them over the next few weeks to see what happens!

DT Day

Today the children went off timetable all day for one of our Learning to Learn Days - the theme this time was puppets! They explored the history of puppets and read the story 'Aliens Love Underpants'. They then spent the day designing and making their own sock puppet using a range of fun materials. The best part of the day was playing with the puppets and retelling the story using them!

Outdoor Learning

Every Wednesday Team Pearl go out into the woodlands for outdoor learning. This week we linked our session to our Science learning - we've been learning about the importance of exercise. The children had great fun using what they could find in the woodlands to create a mini gym...for a mouse!


Autumn Walk

In English this term we have been learning about list poems. We went on an autumn walk around the school grounds to see what we could see, hear and smell, then we came up with a long list of autumnal things to add to our own list poems!

Coronation Tea Party!

This term Year 2 have been learning about Castles & Coronations - we now know lots about Queen Elizabeth II! To celebrate our learning we had a class tea party where we enjoyed sandwiches and cakes, watched the Queen's coronation and danced to some 1950s party music!

Outdoor Learning

Every Wednesday Team Pearl go out into the woodlands for an Outdoor Learning session. This week we linked it to our Science lesson where we were learning about food and what makes a healthy, balanced diet. We then used the materials from the woodlands to create our favourite dishes, such as pasta, salad, coco pops and chocolate brownies!

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