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Week 4: 06.05.24

Hi Nursery!

This week we will be reading the story: Jasper's Beanstalk.  We have a link here for you to listen to. Jasper's Beanstalk (


Our Nursery Rhyme of the Week is The sun has got his hat on, here is the link.  CBeebies: Something Special - The Sun Has Got His Hat On - Nursery Rhyme (


In Phonics we are starting to learn initial sounds of words e.g. first sound of our names. We will be playing games like I-Spy, Odd One out and cross the river.  


In Maths we are learning about number 6.  We will be playing games like What's the time Mr Wolf?  


Monday - Bank Holiday

Tuesday - In Topic, we will be planting flower seeds in our Early Years garden and watching them grow.

               Library - Please ensure you have your reading books so we can change them.  

Wednesday - Computing - We will be thinking about Online Safety and the importance of telling an adult if they need help.  

Thursday - Woodlands - We will be planting bulbs in the Woodlands area.


We hope you all have a lovely week of learning and fun at Nursery!


Mrs Parsons & Mrs Meggitt

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