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Snapchat - Snapmaps

We are aware that many of our pupils are using Snapchat, and wanted you to be know that it has just introduced a new feature, called the ‘Snap Map’. If Snapchat is updated this feature will be accessible to users, it is a location based map allowing users to see where their Snapchat contacts are and gives precise pinpoint information on a map.

There are three settings for this feature, these are;
Ghost mode – you can see contacts locations, but they cannot see you.
My Friends - all of your contacts on Snapchat can see your location.
Select Friends – allows users to decide which of their friends they want to be able to view their location.
We realise that this feature would be of benefit to you as parents but you may wish to change settings to select friends rather than all contacts knowing your childs’ location.

For more information visit Childnet website.

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