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Year 4 Sleepover Reminders



5 July 2018


Dear Parents/Carers


We wanted to give you a few last pieces of information about our sleepover next week, Thursday 12 July 2018.


When your child arrives at school on Thursday morning, they should take their sleepover things (please label!!) to the big hall via the fire doors (accompanied by an adult) where Miss Simmons will be there to meet them. They should then go to the playground as normal.


The children will need to come to school in school uniform on Thursday but they may wear their own clothes on Thursday evening and on Friday. Please make sure they are comfortable and practical for climbing on the climbing wall.

There is a chance we will hold a water fight, although this is not definite, so please make sure you send in clothes that you are happy for them to get wet in.

We will be watching ‘The Greatest Showman’ on Thursday evening, which is a PG rated movie. If you do not give permission for your child to watch this, please let one of the adults in Year 4 know. If you wish, you may provide your child with movie snacks. They will have eaten their BBQ and marshmallows for dinner beforehand, so a light snack would be best.


Finally, please remember that if your child needs any regular medication, you will need to hand it to the class teacher on Thursday morning with the correct medical form, which you can get from the office.


Please remember to pack:

Sleeping bag/duvet


Sleeping mat/bed* *please note, if the children bring an airbed, they will have to inflate it.




Toothbrush and toothpaste



Yours sincerely


Miss Simmons             Mr Kain Miss             Featherstone

Year 4

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