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Adult Volunteers Wanted


January 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and all friends and family,


Wanted: Adult volunteers to listen to readers.


At the last parent forum, we discovered that the parents attending did not know that we welcome regular volunteers.


We warmly welcome adults to come into school and listen to children read. This means that children receive one to one reading time with an adult who can help, support and talk to them about their book. It would involve sitting in a quiet area with a child. They will read their reading book to you. You can support them when needed and ask them questions about the story or information that they have read. Having quiet time with individual pupils to listen to them read is something that all school staff would love to have more time each day to do. To have regular volunteers to do this is a wonderful gift. It does not matter what your experience is or if you are a confident reader. We can place you with a year group that you are comfortable with.


We welcome reading volunteers in the afternoon, between 1pm and 3.10pm. We would place you in a year group that your child/children are not in. We would prefer you to come in on the same afternoon each week as this means the class teacher can plan for your visit. We welcome volunteers for one afternoon a week or more.  


To ensure the safety of all children, we will need to do a DBS check for you and ask you to provide personal references.


If you would like to volunteer your time or have any questions, please come and speak to Mrs Birch or myself when we are on the playgrounds before school each day. Alternatively, please go into the office and let the office staff know.


We look forward to hearing from you.



Yours Sincerely



Miss Elsey

Deputy Head & SENCo


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