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Jewellery Letter


1 March 2019


Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will be aware from our website and prospectus, we follow the Hertfordshire guidance on the wearing of jewellery. For health and safety reasons no jewellery should be worn in school, if your child has pierced ears, one pair of small plain stud earrings will be allowed.


Following advice and recommended best health and safety practice children should not wear earrings or jewellery in P.E. lessons this does include ‘Fitbit or step trackers’. Children should remove their own earrings and store them safely or parents should remove them at the start of the school day. Staff cannot remove earrings for children.


Alternatively, surgical tape could be used to cover any earrings during PE, this must be supplied by parent/carer on the day of your child’s PE lesson unless your child is capable of doing this themselves. This tape does need to be provided for your child.


If your child is wearing religious jewellery that cannot be removed. Staff will try to ensure safe participation in PE lessons can occur for example ensuring a necklace is tucked in their t-shirt. However, best practise and health and safety advice from ‘Association of Physical Education: Safe Practise in P.E: School Sport and Physical Activity’ does state children should not wear jewellery in P.E. (Except studs when taped). Therefore, if your child can not remove their religious/cultural jewellery please return the slip below by hand or email, and a further letter will be sent regarding responsibility for your child wearing this jewellery.


Yours sincerely,

Miss Penning

PE Subject Leader

Religious/Cultural Jewellery


My child _________________ in class ______________________ cannot remove their jewellery for Physical Education lessons due to religious or cultural beliefs. Please send me further information regarding responsibility for my child wearing jewellery in Physical Education lessons.



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