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Key Stage 1 Christmas Concert


13 November 2019


Dear Parents/Carers

   Key Stage One Christmas Concert 


Our Christmas Concert will take place in the main school hall on Wednesday 11 December at 6.00pm and Thursday 12 December at 6.00pm.

There will also be a dress rehearsal on Tuesday 11 December at 1.30pm, a limited number of seats at this performance are being offered to parents with toddlers only.


The children will need to be back in school at 5.30pm for the evening performances to allow time to get dressed.


Due to fire regulations, we are only able to offer 2 tickets per family. You can request tickets on the School Gateway system. To do this, please select the Christmas Production option for your Key Stage One child, state how many tickets you require and for which date in the comment box and then checkout as normal (free of charge event).


This will be available from 18 November and close on the 27 November. Once requests have been made the Key Stage One staff will give out tickets for the performances. Staff will be start giving these tickets out from the 25 November.  We would like to make it clear that every seated member of the audience will need to have and bring their own ticket!


On 3rd December, we will send a text message home if we have any spare tickets, you will then be able to ask your child’s class teacher for any extra tickets but this will be first come first served basis. Due to a high demand, these will only be one extra ticket per family.


Even those toddlers who sit on their parents/carers laps throughout the performance must have their own ticket. This is because we need to be very sure that we are not breaking any Health and Safety or Fire regulations.


For the same Health and Safety and Fire reasons we are unable to allow any buggies into the hall for the performances, unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions.


Can we politely ask you to remember that the children performing are very young and easily distracted, so please do not feel embarrassed to take your toddler out to calm them down if they should become upset or unsettled during the performance.


We would like to request that toddlers must remain on their parent’s lap throughout the performance and the aisles must be kept clear as the ‘performers’ will be moving through these areas.  


We supply the main costume but we may ask if you have trousers, tights or a top of a certain colour. If this is the case, we will give you plenty of notice.




Yours sincerely



Miss Penning, Miss Keal, Miss Walmsley, Mrs Ewer

Key Stage 1


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