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KS1 Mascot Letter


28 September 2018


Dear Parents and Carers,


To help support schools and parents to help schools and parents meet the Governments Health Agenda to get every child doing 30 minutes of Physical Activity during the school day and 30 minutes beyond the school day. The Dacorum Sports School Network has purchased mascots for Key Stage 1 classes.


Your child will help make the mascot as a class and the mascot will be named. Throughout the school year, children will get the opportunity to take the mascot home with them for a week. Each day of that week they must perform various physical activities with the mascot. (ideally 30 minutes) This can include step ups on their stairs, skipping in the garden, star jumps, walking to the shops etc. – Anything that raises the heart rate counts.


When it is your child’s turn to take home the mascot they will be provided with a journal. Ideally They will need to take photos of themselves doing the activity with the mascot, or/and write about what they have done with them each day. They could alternatively draw a picture of themselves doing the activity with the mascot. It would be fabulous if they could get their parents involved in some of the activities and take photos of them all taking part!


When your child returns the mascot to school they will share their experiences with the rest of the class before handing the mascot onto the next person.


I hope you both enjoy the mascot and if you have any questions please do not hestitate to ask your child’s teacher.


Yours sincerely



Miss Penning

PE Leader

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