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Y3 Roman Festival Allergy Letter


12 September 2018


Dear Parents,


As part of our Roman Festival trip to St Albans Abbey the children will be participating in a Roman Food Workshop.


The children will be handling and eating the following ingredients and for this reason we need ALL parents to reply stating if there are any allergies to any of these products.


Please note that if we do not receive your reply slip your children will be unable to take part in the workshop as we need to ensure that all children are safe from allergic reactions.


Many thanks



D. Spooner C. Higgs V. Ewer

Year 3



Year 3 Roman Festival Trip Allergy Letter.

(Please do not list anything that your child simply dislikes, we only need to be aware of allergies, they will not be forced to eat the after product).


My child ______________(child’s name) in Ruby / Emerald is allergic to

Dates □, Apple □, Honey □, Cinnamon □, Salt □, Figs □,

White Flour □, Coriander Seeds □, Feta □, Olive Oil □, Fresh coriander □, Pitta Bread □, Fresh Parsley □, Fresh Mint □,

Fresh Thyme □, Peppercorn □.


  • My child is NOT allergic to any of the above ingredients.


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