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Year 1 Trip Tower of London

Dear Parents/Carers


We have arranged to take the Year 1 children on a trip to the Tower of London.  This will take place on Thursday 16th June 2022. This trip will help develop the children’s knowledge of the Great Fire of London and we will be having a special presentation all about the Great Fire and learning about Samuel Pepys.


All children must be dressed in school uniform. The coach will be leaving the school at 9.15am and aims to return at approx. 3.30pm. We will keep you fully informed regarding the return journey.


The children will need a packed lunch on the day, however, they can bring their lunches in a rucksack as this will be easier to carry around all day. NO GLASS BOTTLES, CANS OR SWEETS PLEASE.  

You can pre-order a school packed lunch via the comments section on the School Gateway app. School packed lunches must be ordered in advance.


The cost of this trip will be £20.00 per child (this can be paid in 2 instalments), which will cover the cost of entrance, workshop and the coach. This can be paid online via the School Gateway payment system along with giving parental consent. Cash can also be accepted at the office.  Full balance must be paid by Friday 25th May 2022.


Please can we make you aware that when trips are arranged, the cost is based on the total number of children in that particular year/class group. Depending on venue, we usually have to pay in advance. If for any reason your child is not in school on the day of the trip, unfortunately, we will not be able to refund you as payment to the venue and transport will have already been paid for.

Thank you for your support in this matter.


Unfortunately, if insufficient funds are received, the trip will have to be cancelled. If you have any queries or difficulties paying this, please contact the office.


We may need some extra adult helpers on the day, if you would be able to help, please state on School Gateway or let your child’s class teacher know.


Yours sincerely



Miss Penning                           Miss Walmsley

Year 1

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