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Year 2 Walk to Saffron Restaurant


16 January 2019


Dear Parents/Carers


As part of our knowledge of the world and exploring foods from different countries, Year 2 classes will be walking to the Saffron Indian Restaurant in the old town on the afternoon of Thursday 31 January 2019.


We shall be leaving school after lunch to walk to the town and will return to school by the end of the school day.


Children will have the opportunity to sample the food, but will not be asked to try anything they do not want to.


If your child has an allergy, please let us know on the permission slip below.


We will also require parent volunteers to walk with the children to the Old Town, if you are able to help please speak to your child’s class teacher or advise on the slip below.



Yours sincerely



Miss Penning Miss Keal




Year 2 Permission Slip for walk to Saffron Restaurant - Hemel Old Town


I give permission for ___________________________Class _________

to walk to The Saffron restaurant in the Old Town.


My child is allergic to _________________________________________


  • I am available to help on the day.



Signed _____________________________________________________Parent/Carer



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